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What is BPU?

What is BPU?
BPU stands for Basic Performance Upgrades. This is basically Stage I upgrade for your Aristo.

Parts required:

1) Double Decat
The Aristo has two restrictive catalytic converters. These need to be removed in order to increase the amount of boost. A restrictor ring may be required to prevent the turbo's exceeding their upper boost limit and destroying themselves. The most you want to go to is 1.2bar (17.4psi). Most people put the 2nd cat back in when it comes to MOT time, this is the easier of the two to replace.

2) Cat-back Exhaust System
The stock cat back exhaust (the exhaust system after the 2nd cat) is extremely restrictive. Replace it with a free flowing system, the popular choice are usually 3" systems.

3) Fuel Cut Defencer
The stock ECU cuts the supply of fuel for a 3 second period when boost pressure reaches 1 bar. To stop this from happening a device is needed in order to trick the ECU into thinking the boost pressure is lower.

4) Uprated Fuel Pump
Uprading the power of your Aristo will mean requiring more fuel. An uprated fuel pump delivering 255 litres per hour is ideal and the Walbro GSS342 pump is commonly used as a direct replacement.

5) Colder Plugs
Increasing the boost levels requires a ‘colder’ grade plug with a closer gap. There are two basic options:

- Iridium IK22 plugs

Going down the BPU route should bring up the power of your Aristo to the 400bhp region. It will also result in the car being more responsive, i.e. spooling up quicker and will increase the grin factor.

It's got to also be worth noting that whenever you increase the performance of your car you need to ensure that your brakes and suspension are up to the task in hand. It is often overlooked, but improving your brakes will make you quicker.