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Wanted - Someone experienced in VBulletin forums to get this place back on its feet!

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    That Images folder is probably the main images for the VB core, it will be the attachments folder that's needed, this will only be confirmed by looking at the configuration of VM.

    The problem is that there was in VB4 a known hack, where you could run a JS and inject code so that when you searched for a site in google, clicked the link it would redirect you to filestore72 a site which is malware.

    There are a couple of vb sites that I know of that have been hacked, but google hasn't recognized this as of yet - which annoys me as CA doesn't have the code anymore, but google keeps recognizing it as malware, probably because it's one of the others that's holding onto the duff information and replicating to ones which say it's not.

    The problem was resolved as part of the VB5 upgrade.

    We know the issue has been resolved, it's just getting the sites that hold it in their database to see this - and that's where the problem lies.

    Someone with access to the hosting needs to initiate a full google re-scan through webmaster tools.


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      Thank you to everyone who helped with this, its taken all year for me to get registered on here!


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        Any more progress on getting things back to normal with the forum ?


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          I've offered my help - and the offer still stands.


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            Not sure if this is already known, but in addition to browsers, e.g. F-Secure Freedome blocks the whole site. On browser, there is an option to allow, but on tablet there is no such option. I wonder if they have a contact method to let them know the site is no longer infected.


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              This thing still bombs in Chrome when opening a link in a new tab. Navigating in the same tab doesn't cause the red screen.