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  • Konichiwa Hello from switzerland

    My name is Stefan and i'm from switzerland.

    Currently i drive a 2000 LS400 as a daily and have a MR2 MK2 for the sunny days.
    Before i bought the LS i've had an 2001 GS430 which i drove for almost 8 Years.

    I've just purchased a 1998 Aristo V300 Vertex Edition in japan. As soon as he is here, i will supply you with some nice pics.
    My knowledge about the GS was pretty good, so now i'm here to get informed about the 2JZ-GTE in these chassis.

    I currently have two questions:
    1. Restrictor rings: I don't want to remove the catalytic converters completely, beacause the fines in switzerland are insane!
    The engine should pass the test with just one cat.
    My plan is to remove the second one and replace the first one with a SARD-racing catalytic converter and to replace the exhaust system with a Tanabe Medallion Touring (leftover from my GS430).
    Will the SARD-cat give enough back pressure to avoid overboost, or will i need a restrictor ring?

    2. What is the differens between spedos for ~00 (pre-facelift) and 01~ (facelift) ? I can get a TRD speedo for really cheap, but it's from a facelift Aristo. Have anyone fited the facelift speedo to a non-facelift or will i be the first one to try this?

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    Welcome to the club!

    U might get away with the SARD cat, however best thing to do is test it without the ring and see if it over boosts if it does you will need to then fit the ring.

    Im not overly sure about the difference between the prefacelift and facelift speedo's, I don't really think there will be much.
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