How to use the iTrader system

How to use the iTrader System
We have installed iTrader as part of the forum upgrade to vBulletin. Many of you may have used it before, but a lot club members won't know what it is or how to use the iTrader system - this thread is intended to try and point you in the right direction.

What is iTrader?
iTrader is an eBay style feedback system that allows buyers and sellers to rate transactions.

Where can I find iTrader or via "Quick Links" > "My iTrader" from the the menu bar or even in your profile page.

How do I use iTrader
Every club member has a "iTrader Rating" entry below their name / avatar - to leave feedback simply click on the number or percentage next to this and then the "Submit Feedback For <Member>" link on the page that appears.

You can also access iTrader for members via their profile. The "Submit Feedback" link opens up a new page.

1. Select an option from the first drop-down list to say if you are the buyer or seller.

2. Select how happy you are with the deal, positive, neutral or negative. Try to be as honest as possible, if you've had a bad experience please say so - this helps other buyers / sellers avoid the same problems in the future.

3. Short comment - a quick summary of how you thought things went, again useful for people trading in the future.

4. Deal thread URL - paste a link to the the original for sale thread so people can view the item in question / progress of the sale.

5. Additional comments - a box that forces you to say more about the transaction, even if you don't want to. This section can only be seen by the buyer, seller and moderators.

6. "Submit Reply" - it's not a reply but click this button to submit your rating, the other party will get a PM to notify them of this and hopefully respond by leaving feedback for you.

Why should I use iTrader?
This system allows others to get see how good or bad another member is at buying and selling items.

If someone is flagged as being slow to pay or that they mess people around a seller may choose to sell to someone else with better feedback - this only works if people are honest and leave comments for all transactions.

What happens if I make a mistake on my feedback
Unlike eBay a member of the Trade Team should be able to change any mistakes for you, they can also update comments on your behalf should any problems arise after they have been left.

What if someone leaves me an unfair rating?
Again the Trade Team will be able to look into this in more detail and change things if necessary, they are such nice people. Send a PM to report this, don't start a thread on the subject in the hope that it gets seen by a mod.

Why isn't my iTrader rating as high as I think it should be?
This is normally because the same user has left you feedback for multiple items. iTrader is currently setup to work in the same way as eBay feedback - if you purchase 2 items from someone and leave 2 lots of feedback this only earns you 1 'point' on your rating, the same applies if you buy 1000 items from someone or purchase from them again in the future.
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