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Zabby's black destroyer ☺ 😂 😂

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    Sounds like a very interesting build!.....shame on the knock issue but hey now u can build it up to max power!!
    “Forget safety. Live where you fear to live, Destroy your reputation, Be notorious.”.......Rumi


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      I am unsure what the knock issue came from as the car was running fine before it went in to the garage, when the first garage done the work for the single he tried to map it get it up and running but he had no idea that the injectors were leaking inlet manifold was leaking manifold gasket was leaking.

      so am not sure with all the above cause the knock any way lesson learned the guys a looser my aristo was in his yard for 2years I got it up lifted and some cars have been with him for 3+ years haha

      but much respect to PIP AND THE TEAM @ WGT AUTO DEVELOPMENT for accommodating me and being patient thro the last year.....