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  • JZS147 Project 93 GS300 5 speed

    I have this posted on clublexus but would love to be apart of this forum as well and share the project I am building..

    I've been wanting a toyota inline six for a while ever since I sold my mk3 supra in 2008, but I always disliked the small backseats. Looked into getting an SC but it never worked out, and I decided I wanted to build a four door "supra" essentially. I am performance orientated and while luxurious is nice, I am not a huge VIP person. I found a 1993 with a burnt transmission for 900 in Seattle, ended up picking it up for $750 and it could use a front bumper, drivers front fender, and paint job. Runs great though with 215k on it. Although it has high mileage and not the cleanest start, I've been a college student for a few years and funding is not exactly consistent. Water in trunk, the car had a broken tail light which I thought was the suspect so I just replaced the tail light on it but it still leaks so I am thinking a torn seal.

    Here's a photo after being washed: You can see the antenna mast also wont lower completely

    As far as the parts I've collected.. I picked up this:

    I've also picked up:
    mk3 supra aisin clutch master cylinder and slave
    driftmotion SS braided clutch line
    mk3 clutch pedal assembly
    mk3 ebrake assembly
    toyota reman mk3 clutch disk/pressure plate/pilot + throwout bearing
    ARP flywheel bolts, driftmotion PP bolts, shifter bushings
    mk3 r154 driveshaft
    picked up a free toyota battery from my bro and a new radiator cap..

    Motor runs great, and almost everything works inside the car. Left rear speaker doesn't work, but the interior is in okay condition with some rips in the leather seats and carpet which could use a wash.

    The motor is rather clean, and after the manual transmission swap is done and I sell my other car, I plan on freshening up the motor with new bearings and rings, custom long runner front facing intake manifold using Ross machine D plenum, GTE valve covers, t4 with a Borg Warner 62 or 66 mm, VVTI coil packs, and an Aristo ECU which I've already found. :woot:

    Anyways.. Got the car in the shop the first day I started first by taking the exhaust out, driveline, transmission, center console out, lower dash panel out, auto transmission out along with the exhaust and drive shaft, also tore out the trunk interior investigating a bad leak, and removed my amp.

    1jz flywheel freshly surfaced with ARP's installed:

    Soarer R154 Transmission waiting to go up, you can see the shifter housing is about 1" back:

    It took some work, widening the transmission tunnel in multiple places by up to 1/2", and a bit of time to get the transmission to finally sit flush on the motor. I took a 4" hole saw and cut as far forward as I could, then clearanced and cleaned up a few little pieces but the stock swan shifter clears.

    bolted up using the stock auto cross member reversed. Fire wall had to be massaged on both sides around the main housing in the back

    rear shot:

    More later! but the floor ebrake is disconnected and out of the car, planning to use it alongside a mk3 clutch and weld them together. I found out the gs300 driveshaft I have is not compatable with the supra or SC shafts at all.. So only the front input shaft will be useful in having a one piece made.

    Well, slight progress.. Not much though.

    The differential adapter will be here tomorrow and I will get the final measurement to the driveline shop for a 1 piece to start being made.

    I had some friends come and help me tighten the pressure plate bolts the other day, and today all the bell housing bolts are in, starter is in, and slave is bolted on.

    I made a template for the clutch master and proceeded to guess where to place it Here's where it turned out. It's not too bad..

    Had to beat in the firewall on the right quite a bit to flatten it out, and then I took the floor ebrake bracket and grinded out the rivets, then cut the bracket in half so I am only utilizing the top two studs. I haven't welded them yet, but so far the mock up is looking pretty good.

    I also took a grinder to my front center console brace that goes across the front, and notched it slightly just to make sure I clear when I go into 1st, 3rd, and 5th.. I do, but I don't want it to touch for any vibration, so now there is a 1/4" gap when its in gear. Once the shifter plate/boot is made it will totally look like a short shifter is installed, and the new poly shifter bushings I got make the trans shift tight and has a short throw, seems less than a stock mk3 with this swan shifter.

    So i got the differential adapter installed, and the measurement taken with the yoke pushed all the way in. The final driveshaft will be 52-1/4"

    I dropped off the parts at the driveline shop Monday afternoon, and he wants the rear adapter to make sure of the flange spacing.
    Went to the driveshaft shop today to drop the flange off, he confirmed it worked for the 1350 flange and returned it to me, It should be done Monday 1/7

    On another note I went and made some progress with my brother in the shop!
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    Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

    Starting off with a nice picture of its current state..

    Also, several people mentioned my shifter being quite far forward.. So.. I took a picture of the car in 1st gear, neutral, and 4th gear to show the placements. This is with OEM soarer r154 and shifter.



    Afterwords I checked out my ebrake cable, I will have to either get mine shortened or have a custom cable made. needs to be about 25-27" But I will figure that out more tomorrow.
    Next I took out the clutch master and removed the clutch pedal again. I wanted to space it on the left side more to try and get it to angle the pedal a little more, but instead I just removed the 1/2" boss from the right side to get it to sit up closer. Hard to see... But this is the side with the removed boss so it should sit flush against the firewall. I had to remove a portion of the foam dampening but this shows how far from the brake bolts are.

    The pedal seemed to sit a bit better... It is doable for me, so I proceeded to make a template against half of the ebrake bracket in the previous photo. It needs to be able to be bolted on because the left clutch master nut is VERY hard to reach.

    This led to a nice piece of steal cut out, slightly bent, grinded, hole drilled.. and mocked up for tack welding.

    and here's the finished bracket. Not too pretty, but it will work!

    and had to do a lot of grinding here to get it to fit onto the two studs easily with the pedal bolted on still.

    Using the stock clutch switch as a bolt point. In the future I imagine I will brace up the clutch pedal just because its machine spot welded.

    This led to the placement of the pedal, which will allow the car to drive for now.. But i may cut the pedal and re fit it later on.

    Not the prettiest installation by any means.. But I am no professional and making due with my current situation and knowledge. Its a total work in progress but I hope you all like it. The clutch doesn't feel bad and will work great for the time being. For now I am waiting on the driveshaft to be finished so I can put it on, but I have been gathering wiring diagrams to do the neutral start switch and reverse lights. Also, my soarer R154 didn't come with an ABS sensor but does have the gear inside the trans for it, so If I find one (or buy one from driftmotion), I can get the stock ABS working as well.
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      Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

      Good work dude.. Seem to be doing everything pretty much the same way I did mine.. Make it up as you go along Your gearbox looks more like its forms mk3 supra rather than a soarer, the soarer has the remote shifter that hangs right off the back of the box.. Looks like you could do with a remote shifter to get it back 3-4 inches.
      Ill be keeping an eye on this build


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        Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

        the mk3 supra doesn't use a shifter extension at all. I found out the early model soarer's used an internal shifter, whereas the later models went to the external remote shifter like the V160 style.


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          Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

          +1 joewitafro, my r154 in my mk3 hasnt a extended shifter.


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            Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

            Why an aristo ecu im pretty sure people have trouble with it on manual swaps i got a friend whos got a couple manual jdm supra ecus


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              Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

              Ive actually reconsidered.. I think when I go turbo I will go with a mega squirt standalone and run a 7m CPS.


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                Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                Mega squirt would be diffrent never heard of anyone running one on a jz


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                  Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                  For sure, thats because they are just starting to produce a PNP 2jzgte/2jzge box and previously you would have to use different coils and a pickup off the front crank with a toothed gear. With the newer version of the megasquirt they've allowed adaption to the 7m CPS for 7mgte users and have found ways to use toyota coil on plug setups.


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                    Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                    Nice project thread dude And, just for the record, early Soarer boxes had that swan neck shifter
                    JZS147- Do Luck edition
                    Ive got one speed, one gear, go!


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                      Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                      Very Impressive project!....Keep the updates coming!
                      “Forget safety. Live where you fear to live, Destroy your reputation, Be notorious.”.......Rumi


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                        Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                        So I have been trying to figure out the wiring, and thankfully someone from this site linked me to the japanese wiring diagrams for the Aristo, but it just so happened to have a PDF link to a 237 page electronics manual for the usa made GS300.. Yay for me and people wanting to learn the swap! I started out looking at these diagrams... This diagram shows the neutral switch being pins 5 and 6 on connector P1 (grey).. I took a photo of this, and because my transmission has an electronic speed sensor already installed it accepts the stock V1 speed sensor plug (3 wire) (rather than the cable driven mk3 supra R154 trans requiring the marlin crawler piece) I only needed to modify the wiring in connector P1.. Connectors V2 and O1 are left disconnected along with E2.

                        This is the p1 connector I am talking about.. Pins 5 and 6 are for the neutral switch and according to the diagram below... Pins 4 and 8 go to the reverse light switch.. It doesn't matter what order you wire them, I connected the two wires from the R154 reverse lights and cut two red wires from the p1 connector from pins 4 and 8, ones red with blue center the other red with black center. I ran wires going from the two black wires (one with white center stripe) to the bottom clutch switch inside the car so when the clutch is depressed the car is in neutral, when its not... the car believes its in drive.

                        And all wired up! I tucked it with some zip ties after this.

                        Hopefully I get the driveshaft tomorrow, but I added 3 liters of fluid to the transmission and verified that the reverse lights DO work, and the car only starts with the clutch depressed... Revs above 5k, and my speedometer works.


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                          Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                          Nice work


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                            Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                            cool thread man, great project


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                              Re: Project 93 GS300 5 speed

                              Thank you all.. This project is a huge goal of mine since 2008 and I never imagined it could of been happening for the new year. I was even more giggly when I was able to start the car up for the first time since installing the transmission and having everything go super smooth... It sounded pretty awesome open down pipe too.